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I just created a little website of photos for some friends.

Heather in London4

Inner View of an Artichoke Plant

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Inner View of an Artichoke Plant


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My two dear fri…

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My two dear friends of over 25 years, Lindsay Wagner, and Francie Rehwald (owner of the 747 Wing House) are hosting a performance generously donated by Deva Premal & Miten, their entire band, staff and technical crew in support of creating TTCs in the Southern California area. What will be truly precious is that this event is an opportunity for a collective outpouring of love that we, the audience and performers, will create together — a vibrational field emanating love, consciousness, peace and generosity from the hilltops of Malibu outwards…

Please join us if you are in the LA/Malibu/Ojai area. There are 25 free tickets (20 left) for teenagers and 90 tickets left for guests. If you can’t come please think about making a donation to our scholarship fund for the teens to come.

Deep gratitude goes out to our producer, Julianne Reynolds, our support staff here at TTC, Ali Lockwood, Tracey Peacoe Denlinger, Eric Kuhner, and all our friends, family, and supporters for underwriting this event, especially, Brandon Fernandez, Kalpana & Jaime Singh Rhodes, and Nancy Alvord, and those folks who are volunteering to drive, sell CDs, cook, clean, meet and greet, consult, and generally help all around.

We are also so grateful to the young people who are coming from the Pacific Northwest to represent TTC: Adam Foley, Genevieve Wolf Smeeth, and Talina Wood to share their experience of circle with our guests. And our board members, Georgia Cammann, Eric Kuhner, and Susi Costello will also be available to answer questions about TTC. Plus me, I’ll be there!!!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reaching out to vendors asking for their contributions to defray the costs. Nearly everyone I ask says YES. The following businesses will be providing the delicious organic snacks and after-party delights: Mamma Chia; Melissa’s Produce; Hip Vegan Restaurant from Ojai; GT’s Kombucha; and Marat Tasdemir, of Tasdemir Rugs of Bainbridge Island, is personally going to drive a ton of Turkish rugs down to Malibu, so that those who want to stretch out and look up at the sky during the concert can do that! As more people come aboard, we will add their names.

We are daily more excited about this event. At this moment we have 50+ people confirmed coming, and can accommodate 90 more. So please pass this on to your friends and family in the area. 

Date: September 9, 2012  
Venue: Wing House  
Address:  Malibu, CA  

Concert Only: $90.00
Concert & Walking Tour of Wing House: $175.00
Concert, Tour & After Party: $300.00

Time: Walking Tour of Wing House: 2:30-3:30 pm
Concert: 4-6:30 pm
After Party: 6:30-8:30 pm
Doors Open: 3:30 pm  
Organizer: Teen Talking Circles  
Tickets: Online  
A special benefit event for Teen Talking Circles, hosted by Lindsay Wagner and Francie Rehwald at the 747 Wing House in Malibu.

“TTC is a catalyst for civic empowerment and community creation. The practice of making safe spaces where young people learn to find their voice and listen with compassion transforms not only the teens but also everyone who then encounters them.” — Eric Liu, founder, Guiding Ligh


The Buddha at the pool of the Wing House in the late afternoon sunset

Deva Premal

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Deva Premal

We are incredibly blessed and you will be, too, if you live anywhere near Malibu, September 9th.
The beautiful sounds of Deva Premal & Miten will echo through the hills, as they are going to give us a wonderful afternoon of Indian chants and love filled music. This is a benefit concert for TTC (what a gift), hosted by Francie Rehwald, at her incredible 747 Wing House, recently build atop of hill in Malibu. And Lindsay Wagner, one of my oldest and dearest friends, will be the hostess of our after-party in the main house. Lindsay and I met when our children were in pre-school – we were the only vegetarians and banded together to make sure the snacks were organic and healthy!!! We’ve been friends ever since.

I fell in love with Deva & Miten’s music years ago. I couldn’t stop chanting the Gyatri Mantra. During intermission at one of her Seattle concerts, I gave a note to her manager, asking if she would meet with girls from our Bainbridge Island circle. She phoned me back herself to let me know that she would do it the next day. We went to the hotel and sat in an empty room – the girls, Miten, Manose and Deva. The results of that special, magical experience can be seen here: Video

Photo Exhibition at Grace Church August & September 2012

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Please come…

To see the Video of Linda photographing in the Omo Valley, Click on link below

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To see the Video of Linda photographing in the Omo Valley: Click Here

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