Happy New Year Everybody

January 1, 2020 § 1 Comment

It’s 5:35pm. Ivy, the black seal cat just jumped up behind me and is sitting on the chair curled into and warming the small of my back. Eric and I just finished playing cards. I beat him for a change.. but I’ve gotten over feeling good or bad when I win or lose… it’s all the same, really. Heather and Nik are at Doe Bay, playing music. Genevieve and Brandon are going hot tubbing near by. We took a long walk in the forest today in the slight drizzle and big chill. I bought eggs and fruit down the road. The night is upon us. I’m going to make dinner and practice piano. Eric’s going to watch a bit of a b-ball game. The wild wind is rustling the leaves in the pines and the wind-chimes are sweetening up the darkness with their reminders of meditation and sage. I’ll make a fire. We’ll look for a music documentary to watch and cuddle up on the couch, so grateful to have no where to go tonight and just be able to be with each other. I hope we have peace tonight. I wish there was peace all over the world, but there isn’t. We take what each day serves up and we’ll take 2020 as it comes… we will do whatever service we can to make it better and give ourselves as much kindness, forgiving our foibles and the foibles of those against us. In the midst of a life where nothing is secure, where we come and go so fast, and the lose those we love – in the midst of pain and beauty of it, we keep on keeping on. We keep on making love and music and food and forgiving ourselves and each other and cracking our hearts open with all the courage it takes to be human. What a mystery, this being human… — Love more… just do it…. May the New Year be what it will and may we each have whatever it takes inside to live through it the best we can… linda

April 2nd is Leon Russell's Birthday and Tulsa will be the place to BE!

December 14, 2019 § Leave a comment

Leon Russell’s birthday is April 2nd. Something big is going to happen in Tulsa to celebrate Leon’s birthday. Very soon, I can tell you what it is. However, it does have something to do with my new book, TRIBUTE: Cocker Power. Yes sir, ladies and gents.

It has everything to do with Tulsa greats, Leon Russell, Jim Keltner, Chuck Blackwell, Don Preston, Carl Radle, Carla McHenry, Kay Poorboy, Francine Brockey, and Miss Emily Smith. It has to do with Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

That should be enough hints for now! Be sure to advance order your copy. Click the book jacket below.

And here we are at Lockn’ Festival for the 1st rehearsal of the Tedeschi Trucks Band produced Tribute Concert with the Mad Dogs & Englishmen and Leon Russell, himself.

Insight Editions to publish Tribute: Cocker Power

September 7, 2019 § 2 Comments

Dear Friends

I’m delighted to announce that Insight Editions, distributed by Simon & Shuster, will be publishing my new book, Tribute: Cocker Power. Now, the printing process begins! I’ve purchased a limited number to sell, myself, and you can receive one of these first copies, autographed, and hot off the press prior to the official book release in the Spring, 2020…

Cocker Power is currently available for advance purchase on Linda’s website, www.lindawolf.net

Joe Cocker and Leon Russell and all the musicians involved with both the 1970 Mad Dogs tour and the Tedeschi Trucks Band tribute concert will have more time in the sun due to the generosity of the over 100 musicians and crew who participated is this book through their stories and interviews over the past three years. Due to them, and to family, friends, patrons who have contributed to this labor of love –especially Dr. John Paddock, Ph.D, who approached me in 2016 and offered me the opportunity to create a serious book, voila – 340 pages, hardback, designed by the award winning designer, Michael Vanderbyl.


“When you look at this book you can see it is a labor of love. When you look at the photos, you get the sense that everyone really trusts and opens up to Linda and that she is really in it. A lot of times I notice photos of us and I think they’re nice but I think but they don’t capture the sense of the people as I know them, but when I look at all the images in this book – the ones of Kofi or Sue or the people that I know intimately — I really feel them. Linda captures the real, personal side of people — the vulnerable side. She goes for the authentic moments. Linda’s photos have real heart to them, a real warmth that I appreciate and am honestly moved by. I can’t wait to hold this book and dig into it when it’s out.” — Derek Trucks, 2019

So many images and stories could not be included in the 340 pages of this book, but I will share them when I do “book readings.” Some are better left out of print and only for sharing in person!

Advance order now, limited numbers available. www.lindawolf.net

See you on the road. Love linda

Harborview Medical Center acquires works by Linda Wolf

August 3, 2018 § Leave a comment

Many thanks to Bridget Zaro for suggesting that I submit work to the Art Program Director for possible purchase.

Tribute: To the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tribe from the Tedeschi Trucks Band

August 3, 2018 § Leave a comment

Joe Cocker on the Cocker Power plane

Joe taking my photo on the Cocker Power plane! Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Hello fans and folks, I’m almost done scanning and photoshopping the 1970s. Besides being obsessed with crafting really good images out of sometimes grainy, blurry ones I’m finding many that bring back memories long forgotten.

This process has not only brought me in touch with my young self, but has me blown away by how quickly time flies and how impossible it is to really absorb how many of us on the tour have died. To see Joe and Leon alive and vital and so beautiful and know that they are gone from this life is hard to accept. I’ve become more philosophical in this process, because they are so alive in these photos. As are Carl, Bobby Keys, Francine, Kay, Miss Emily, Donna, Kellogs, our roadie, and the filmmakers, Pierre and Dave.


So proud to be standing on stage honoring Joe and being honored ourselves. I wanted to be part of the music so deeply, when I was young. This was an extraordinary moment for me as a photographer, to also be able to sing in the choir.

Soon, I will jump to 2015, to the reunion/tribute concert with TTB and friends, and be back in this century. I wonder what I’ll begin to recognize about myself from this perspective. Being in 1970 has given me so many revelations about myself and the life I led between these years.

The patience it takes to do a book, to follow day upon day this path over months, years, only happens for me when the work I’m doing is a true labor of love. Thank you to everyone who have been and continue to be part of this process, who has sent me love and money for advance copies or commented when I’ve posted on FB. It is also part of the labor of love that makes something shine and be.  Love, linda

Warren Haynes Interview with Linda Wolf

June 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

I just published an interview with Warren Haynes on our Teen Talking Circles blog. Check it out here: www.teentalkingcircles.comwarren haynes group

Come with Taj Mahal & me to Cuba

March 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

Taj Mahal & Linda Wolf  2015

Yes, you read that right! November 7 – 16th in Havana — and what a trip it will be.

46  years ago, I first met Taj and 45 years later I met him again. And now we’re going to Cuba as part of Cross Cultural Journeys cultural trips. Me, as Journey Ambassador/Photographer AND TAJ MAHAL as the luminous LUMINARY that he is.

Taj is national treasure… An embodiment of the American blues tradition… brilliant, and classic. I feel so honored. It’s going to be a once in a life-time experience. And you can come!! Well, a few of you can come!!! Already in 2 weeks, without publicity, 10 people are registered. Only 15 more can come.

Check this: The Itinerary

Backstory: 46 years ago, 1970 we’re talking about, I was crashing at Leon Russell’s house in the San Fernando Valley with the other members of the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tour which was about to take off in days on our whirlwind tour around the US, for which the documentary movie was made.

Last year, as many of you know from my FB posts, Susan Tedeschi  and Derek Trucks (who modeled their 12 piece band after the JCMD&E tour) invited all of us alumni to a memorial/tribute/reunion concert in honor of Joe and the MD&E tour,  at the Lockn’ Festival.

To say we had a love fest among alumni and the TTB & friends is mild — we hung together for 6 days and it was the pure 60s/70s substance… high energy and love was palpable, so much so I heard Leon wrote 8 songs for Susan and cried for 5 days after Lockn because of the amount of love he felt from his peers…Seriously, for me, being with my old friends and new ones,  doing photography on stage, singing  in the encore with my daughters on stage, being in that sonic experience is one of the 10 highlights of my life that I can list on my fingers!


Linda photographing on the JC MD&E bus ride to the airport to board the Cocker Power jet for the first leg of the Tour

But back to 1970… A few days before we left LA, Leon had us all get in cars together and go to a doctor in the SF Valley to get shots for the possibility that the Tour would be extended and we’d go to Jamaica. That same day, if I recall, we went over to “The Plantation” — this house in San Fernando Valley that some 14 musicians (at one time or the same time) lived at, including Taj, his guitarist, Jesse Ed Davis, Delaney and Bonnie, Carl Radle, Chuck Blackwell, Bobby Whitlock, and many others.


That afternoon, which could have been afternoon and evening and night, I hung out while Delaney and Bonnie, Leon & the Tulsa guys and Taj were jamming. I remember it like yesterday. I remember the room, and particularly I remember watching Bonnie dance as she sang. She swung her hips in a circle one way and then the other and  back again and every move was recorded inside me — I went home and practiced her moves and still to this day do that hip dance and think of her.

I remember Taj back then – he was just beautiful and so soulful — but if we talked or spent any time together that day, I don’t remember. I didn’t have my camera with me that day. Why? I have no idea.

Cocker Power Plane

Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englsihmen, Leon Russell boarding plane, Chuck Blackwell behind him

After that, it was not too many days more before we took off on the Cocker Power plane and my life pretty much shifted from planet Earth to the cosmos and I didn’t look back.

So when I heard Taj was going to be at Jazz Alley last December (2015), I had to go see him and bring him a copy of the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen Memory Book I’d just self-published. I waited until the show was over and Eric and I went backstage to see him. I handed him the book, told him about meeting him the first time, and watched him just get lost looking at the pictures. He was blown away, I could see – to be reminded of a treasured past. He knew these people really well, all of the alumni in the book. And that’s when he invited Eric and me to his Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle.

In January, my friends Philip and Cilla with Cross Cultural Journeys asked me if I’d like to lead a trip to Cuba with them. Philip said, “Oh, also, why don’t you ask one of  your musician friends to come along?” Well, long story short Cocker Tour alumni Claudia Lennear (who knew Taj very well from the 70s) mentioned to me she really wanted to get in touch with Taj and I knew another Cocker alumni friend, Pamela Polland, was in touch with him. So, I asked Pamela to get Taj’s phone number for us. She got back to me with the number and one morning I decided I’d call him just to see if he had any suggestions of people to connect to in Cuba. When he answered I thought maybe I should  invite Taj to come… so I said, “Taj, would you like a free trip to Cuba?” And he said, “Yeah, sure.” Then he told me I’d found him in a Cuban restaurant in Miami at that very moment. The rest is detail history of getting Philip and Cilla in touch with Taj to make all the arrangements. And long story short — here we are — going on a trip to Cuba together with Cross Cultural Journeys.

The exciting thing for me, besides the obvious, is being part of something that will make an indelible impression on all of us going, as well as, the Cuban people. We are bringing the blues to Cuba — but we are also bringing the intangibles that come from those early days, that Taj and I remember so well — the 60s & 70s  when rock & roll and the blues merged in this organic, crazy, wild, free, creative human experience and produced some of the most important music of our times. We’re bringing a vibe of a great period of time along with the present time of art, soul, and music nurtured and developed from those roots.

I’m so turned on! Can. Not. Wait. I’m blown away to be doing this and will undoubtedly have so many photos, films, and interviews to share when we get back. So, if you are so moved, jump on board. It is going to be a great ride. Check out Cross Cultural Journeys for more info.

love, linda




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