The Caravan in Mexico City

December 1, 2018 § 1 Comment


Mexico City, November 3 – 11th, 2018

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These are photographs made in Mexico City, when the Caravan of immigrant asylum seekers were welcomed and taken care of before heading off to seek asylum in the US.

During the time these men, women and children were camping at the Deportivo in Mexico City, many NGOs and ordinary people generously gave time, food, clothing, and services such as 6 mobile dentist units, psychological counseling, optometry, massage therapy, entertainment, legal advice, medical assistance, and more. The local government turned a sports complex into a shelter to accommodate more than 5,000 weary immigrants, who for three weeks endured sore feet, sickness and downpours and survived on their wits and the generosity of Mexicans of modest means.

The Mexican government provided cleaning crews, hundreds of gallons of water for bathing, sanitary units. Not only were the migrants able to rest and recuperate from walking for nearly two months, but were able to prepare themselves to present themselves at the border, all spiffed up and ready to be processed and given asylum.

Rebecca Blackwell AP   Rebecca Blackwell A/P

This was not to be the case. Instead, at present, they are mostly wet, cold, hungry, and frustrated and increasingly desperate. Some, only wanting to be picked up and taken to detention centers, attempted to cross into the US illegally, which prompted the US border patrol to send canisters of tear gas over the fence to hold them back. Many children and adults were overcome by the tear gas and some children were injured.


Today, they are in Tijuana living in what has been declared a humanitarian crisis. The BBC has called the stadium and surrounding encampments “squalor.” Those now in Tijuana are part of a migrant caravan which left the crime-ridden Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on 13 October, 2018.

In honor of the real people I met in Mexico City, and who generously talked to me and told me their stories and allowed me to photograph them, I created this video. It is also meant to counter the rhetoric of the Trump administration that the Caravan is full of “Mal hombres,” criminals, gang members, and drug dealers. See for yourself.



_DSC4082-Edit.jpgVideo Slideshow: Click on the video link:

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    Thank you, Linda. I am deeply moved by your slide show. You continue to be a phenomenal artist and photographer.

    My best to you, Jennifer Waldron


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